About Our Ingredients

Australian grown produce is our first preference every time, we believe in supporting our mates in the field the growers and farmers whether it is peanuts from Kingaroy Queensland, sultanas and raisins from Mildura Victoria, almonds from Berri South Australia or macadamias from Queensland. We do however use some imported products as some ingredients are just not available in commercial quantities in Australia such as our tropical fruits.

At times when there is crop damage and failure due to drought or storms and floods the availability of ingredients has to be supplemented with imported product. You can be assured every Nibblebag you enjoy has the best part of Australian content.

About our Nuts:

Peanuts without doubt are one of Natures finest efforts in producing a powerhouse of nutrition. Peanuts contain lots of protein, fibre, B group vitamins, vitamin E and cool sounding stuff like L-Tyrosine, the brain food that keeps our nervous system healthy. Peanuts also contain Resveratrol and Beta -sitoserol  which are known for their cancer fighting properties but most importantly the Australian grown peanuts we use have very high Oleic (a monounsaturated omega-9 fatty acid)  content, 82%, compared to olive oil which has 77%.

Because peanuts are high in monounsaturated fats or good fats that lower the bad Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol and have a positive effect in fighting heart disease. Simply put: High Oleic peanuts stay fresher longer and provide the best taste and crunch and are without doubt one of nature’s true health foods.

Almonds are available in a few varieties, we prefer the Nonpareil Supreme variety which is a crunchier style and has the best taste and texture. Almonds are also known for their rich protein and fibre content as well as B group and vitamin E. They are best known for their very high calcium content.

Macadamias are known as the “Queensland nut” are native to Australia but have only in the last 50 years or so flourished as a commercial crop. Macadamias are high in protein, vitamin E, B group vitamins & minerals. They are very high in energy, the oil content is the highest of all nuts with the good news that it is almost 80% monounsaturated and is cholesterol free. We currently use Macadamias in only one of our Premium range of products the “All Australian”, available only in the 60gram foil pack. The foil pack helps to keep the nuts fresher and crunchier!

Cashews surprisingly, are actually grown in parts of Northern Australia though Nibble Co. has never been able to acquire them. The crop yields are small and are sold to a select few manufacturers almost before the harvest. In the main, most of the market is supplied by crops from Vietnam or Indonesia.

The Cashew tree was originally sought for its sweet and fragrant apple type fruit that is used in making jams and fermented drinks. The nut hangs below the fruit in a husk that contains a juice that for many years was used as lubrication in heavy machinery.  Today the cashew nut is enjoyed in many ways, delicious in healthy snacks like Nibblebags, cashew butter, and Asian style dishes. The oil in cashews is like most nuts, cholesterol free and mostly monounsaturated. They contain good amounts of protein, fibre and vitamin E. They also contain B vitamins and minerals particularly Potassium, Magnesium and Iron.

About our Fruit

Sultanas & Raisins the fruit of the vine is harvested after the flavour of the fruit has intensified which contributes mostly to high quantities of fibre and minerals potassium and magnesium with generous amounts of natural sugars giving plenty of “yum” to many of our products.

Cranberries are truly one of Natures super foods. Cranberries are mostly grown in North America and Canada where they are predominantly used for the refreshing juice market. Cranberries have been proven beneficial in the prevention and treatment of bladder and kidney infections, kidney stones and cystitis. We just use it for its added delicious tangy flavour.

Apricots & Peaches are sourced from several regions due to seasonal availability. The taste and nutritional content of apricots and peaches are intensified by the drying process. They have good fibre and mineral values and are high in vitamin A. Probably the most popular of all dried stone fruits for cooking and snacking because of their very more-ish taste.

Coconut has long been used in the confectionery industry for its unique flavour. Coconut is high in fibre (24%) and although is high in fat content it is absolutely starch & cholesterol free.

Pineapple Who can resist a slice of ripe Pineapple on a summer’s day or a glass of freshly squeezed juice to refresh the thirst! Pineapple contains Bromelain, which has anti viral, anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties, pretty much a medicine chest in a fruit. It is also high in fibre.

Paw Paw contains almost no protein yet strangely it is one of Natures few fruits to contain Papain, a protein digesting enzyme used in many parts of the tropics to tenderise meats. Pawpaw is high in vitamins A & C.

Mangos, Yum! Put down the drop sheet and bring out the face wipe in summer when mango’s are served, The luscious aroma, sweet and juicy flesh make it a spectator sport in my home, apart from that, mangoes have very little protein, no starch, small amounts of fibre but are high in vitamin A.

Now….the Best for last!

Chocolate Gems

We use Cadbury TM white chocolate gems in our Peaches & Cream and milk gems in Banquet. It might explain why they are amongst our top best sellers. The added flavour of chocolate brings a welcome complement to the apricot and peach and extra energy for endurance for the bushwalker or simply someone who enjoys great taste.

And……. some Good News:

Recent research into the properties of chocolate have proven facts and dispelled myths.

The busted myth: Chocolate does not promote acne. This fact comes as great news to those that feel they can’t do without this little pleasure in life.

Chocolate contains over 300 naturally occurring compounds none of which are bad for you. Mostly they are anti oxidants like phenols and flavonoids which are known to lower blood pressure, decrease LDL cholesterol and reduce harmful blood clotting agents.  More importantly chocolate contains Caffeine and Theobromine, chemicals that stimulate the central nervous system. Theobromine in particular is known to stimulate the release of the “feel good” endorphins triggering a greater sense of wellbeing. The compound found in chocolate we should all put on our shopping list is “Phenyl ethylamine” a chemical that sparks emotional arousal and is released by the brain during times of joy and happiness.

*Disclaimer: The above is general information only and is not intended as medical advise.

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